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From the liner notes:
It all started with a phone call between Shawn McCabe (Mars Needs Women, Ozone Monday) and Keith Roth (Bad Biscut). The two have a mutual project called Chrome Daddy which includes Damien Cain (The Flu, who plays drums on tracks #2, #7 and #9 on this disc) and Scotti Hill (Skid Row).

They picked out eleven tunes and made two more calls... one to Dave Halpern (Love In Reverse, Mr. Reality) and another to Vic Pepe (Alice Cooper co-writer and studio wiz) to see if his studio was available for the weekend... 48 hours later, this disc emerged.

1. The Sixteens
(originally recorded by Sweet)
2. Hang On To Yourself
(originally recorded by David Bowie)
3. Kiss Me Deadly
(originally recorded by Generation X)
4. One Track Mind

(originally recorded by Johnny Thunders)
5. Nothin' To Lose
(originally recorded by Kiss)
6. Fox On The Run

(originally recorded by Sweet)
7. Life's A Gas
(originally recorded by T Rex)
8. The Kids Are Alright
(originally recorded by The Who)
9. Downed
(originally recorded by Cheap Trick)
10. Is It My Body?
(originally recorded by Alice Cooper)
11. You Should Never Have Opened That Door
(originally recorded by The Ramones)

Shawn Mars: lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Keith Roth: bass, lead vocals on tracks 4 & 11, 1st guitar solo on track 4
Dave Halpern: drums
Damien Cain: drums on tracks 2, 7 & 9, percussion, wang tonic, backing vocals
Vic Pepe: keyboards, backing vocals

MMR001 ©1998 Main Man Records
$5.00 plus shipping

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