Fuzz The World - Still Down After 20 Years!

In the mid-nineties while Seattle bands were gracing the cover of Rolling Stone, back at the Jersey Shore there was a small circle of rock bands trying to break through. Fuzz The World was there to help lead the charge. Opening for notable acts like, Weezer, Jeff Buckley, and Mathew Sweet. Fuzz The World were packing in local watering holes like the Stone Pony and The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ as well as the Brighton Bar in Long Branch. - See more

Fuzz The World

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Easy Outs - Desolate Row

Bowie Tribute

Real Rock and Roll. Dripping with harmony, unpretentious hooks and a streetwise sensibility, The Easy Outs deliver gritty, tuneful rock songs that will knock you off your feet.


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Acid - Tales of Contempt
Frankenstein 3000 - Save The Planet
Brother's Of Brazil - Melodies From Hell

Also coming in 2015!

Punky Meadows(Angel ) -Debut Solo Record
Earl Slick(David Bowie,John Lennon )-Fistful Of Devils

Hero - The Main Man Records Tribute To David Bowie on ITunes!

Bowie Tribute

Cut Pieces: A Tribute to Yoko Ono

Cut Pieces: Tribute to Yoko Ono

There is arguably no artist as misunderstood as Yoko Ono. "Cut Pieces: A Tribute to Yoko Ono" deconstructs and reimagines an essential collection of skillfully constructed pop/rock songs. Presented in their own context and in their own terms, the tribute soars free from the superficial sensationalism that still seems to follow her. The album presents 16 of Ms. Ono's compositions, in styles ranging from pop, rock, country, blues and new wave.



Take A Slice!

Main Man Records celebrated it's 17th birthday! So as a gift to our friends, we bring to you Take A Slice Main Man Records 2014 sampler free with any purchase. 24 tracks of our some of our favorite released and unreleased gems available for the first time.

*track listing

1. Frankenstein 3000-Shake It Mama (Alternate mix from their upcoming 2015 release)
2. Chrome Daddy-True Blue Lies
3. The Ribeye Brothers-Apples, Plums, and Pears
4. Acid-Rock N' Roll Genocide (From their upcoming 2015 release)
5. Lords Of Mercy-Ready For The Show
6. The Atomic Bitchwax-Freedom Of Choice
7. Aaron Cole-Speak To Me (unreleased)
8. Brothers Of Brazil-Melodies From Hell (from their upcoming 2015 release)
9. Spacehog-Oh, Dinosaur
10. David Johansen-Blackmail
11. Glen Burtnik-Little Lucy's Blues
12. BeBe Buell & The NYC All Stars-Pushin' Too Hard (unreleased Seeds cover)
13. Acid-Dead
14. RiotGod-Death On Two Legs
15. Steve Conte-Working Class Hero
16. Chrome Daddy- Panic In Needle Park
17. Derwood Andrews, Rat Scabies-Back Stabbers
18. Frankenstein 3000-Revoultion (Coming of Age)
19. The Ribeye Brothers-Smart Like Aristotle
20. Matthew Caws-One Small Achievement
21. Glen Burtnik-I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick cover)
22. The Dandy Warhols-Cherry Bomb
23. The Easy Outs-Look Away
24. The Donnas-Speeding Back To My Baby



Scotti Hill, Shawn Mars, Keith Roth and Damian Cordisco...


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Restore The Shore!

To raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, prominent New Jersey performers once again rise to the occasion. The anthemic song, “Restore The Shore”, written by shore singer/songwriter Lisa Bouchelle, will raise funds for the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, which is chaired by the wife of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (

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Lords Of Mercy Debut CD Released!

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Frankenstein 3000 - The Scoops Are On Their Way

Over an hour of music; 18 songs on 1 CD (19 tracks on the digital version), all of them a big influence on Frankenstein 3000's sound. Everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Nirvana, David Bowie to The Grateful Dead, Queen to The Stooges. Some of these songs have appeared on tribute albums over the years, but there are a bunch that are previously unreleased, and almost everything has been remixed and remastered. Order Now!