Frankenstein3000 - America's Hit Remakers

Frankenstein3000 - America's Hit Remakers

We're proud to bring you the debut album from one of the hardest working bands we know. Frankenstein 3000 has contributed to countless tribute CDs and they finally decided to compile them onto one easy to play CD. Along the way they reached out to a few friends and the results are stupendous. Designed like a K-Tel collection from the 70s, America's Hit Remakers is a non-stop covers party.

1. Welcome To The Monkey House
(originally recorded by The Dandy Warhols)
2. Good Morning, Good Morning
(originally recorded by The Beatles)
3. Sheer Heart Attack
(originally recorded by Queen)
4. American Nights w/Cherie Currie
(originally recorded by The Runaways)
5. Bop 'Til You Drop w/Cheetah Chrome
(originally recorded by The Ramones)
6. Blockbuster (originally recorded by Sweet)
7. Lookout
(originally recorded by Cheap Trick)
8. Shonen Knife (originally recorded by Redd Kross)
9. 20th Century Boy w/ Shawn Mars, Steve Conte and Leif Garrett (originally recorded by T Rex)
10. It's Only Love (originally recorded by The Wildhearts)
11. Can't Stand It (originally recorded by Velvet Underground)
12. Pussy And Money (originally recorded by The Dictators)
13. Rockaway Beach w/"Handsome" Dick Manitoba (originally recorded by The Ramones)
14. Babylon w/David Johansen (originally recorded by The New York Dolls)
15. I'm The Man w/Derwood Andrews (originally recorded by Joe Jackson)
16. Mystery Achievement (originally recorded by The Pretenders)
17. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)/The End (originally recorded by The Beatles) a few surprises and bonus tracks!

Keith Roth: vocals, guitar
Clint Gascoyne: drums, backing vocals
Dave Lister: guitar, backing vocals
Eric Hoagland: bass, backing vocals

Visit the official Frankenstein 3000 website.

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